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Companies Hiring Online Teachers

FYI: I continually update this list when I find a new company hiring!

I did a post on Location Independence through Online English Instruction and how ESL teachers are working and traveling or working from home. I am an online teacher through VIPKID and have had a great experience so far. However in this brief post I would like to share the other online language teaching companies that are currently looking for teachers. I am constantly scouring and have found that this industry is rapidly growing-especially companies providing instruction to China. Here are the few I have come across in no particular order.

51Talk – appears to be for Filipino English teachers

twosigmas – UK company teaches English to Chinese.

GVE – Golden Voice Engish teaches to Chinese.

Winglish USA – Link to Indeed posting, couldn’t find a proper website- ESL to South Korea

Pandatree – Spanish and Mandarin Instruction for English speakers

Transparent Language – Various Languages, Various clientele

italki – Find a tutor for any language

Educastream – English instruction for French students

Edoopad – English instruction for Vietnamese students and soon Japanese students

Fuel Ed – Online courses for K-12 students by state certified teachers – multiple subjects

Chegg Tutors – Online tutoring for any subject, and many different languages

Open English – Online English teaching to South Americans

EF Englishtown – Online English teaching to multiple countries

Tandem – Online video chat for language learning (cell phone app) / multiple languages

ACEMEC  – Online School for Medical English and Communication

Brainfuse – Online tutoring for college and high school students – various subjects

Learnerlane Online tutoring for Chinese students 16$-24$

Revolution Prep – Full-time/Part-time positions in various subjects

Speak! Language Center Language center looking for ESL online teachers with Masters degrees and online experience. Well paying positions.

Englishunt – Online ESL to all ages in Korea

Gofluent – Teach online in a variety of settings: K12, business, one-on-one

Learnlight – Lessons prepared, used in over 50 countries, headquarters in Spain

Western Wise – One on One format, North American native English teachers to Chinese students.

Class100 – 10 hrs/week minimum 12$-14$ an hour between hours of 7pm-5am EST to Chinese students

Skimatalk – create a profile teach through skype

VIVALING – Language academy. Online language coach 13$-38$ an hour depending on level of experience and whether or not hired as a Associate, Advanced or Expert coach. Seems uppity. Students from around the world.

VIPKID – One on One format, North American native English teachers to Chinese students. previously mentioned, English for Chinese children. Up to 22$/hr. Great company with a good community, rapidly growing.

As a disclaimer, I’d like to say that I have searched some of these companies on and There are some good and bad reviews. I ultimately went with VIPKID based on all of the positive reviews from online teachers and because of their pay + bonus scale system (teachers earn between 16$-21$/hr); also, the curriculum and lessons are already planned for you. If you or anyone you know works for any of these companies I’d love to learn more.  Contact me.

Feel free to use my referral link for the application process. VIPKID. I receive a minor chunk of change every time I refer a new teacher (and you will too, if you get hired). The truth is, I really enjoy this job and if you follow the pointers above then you have a high likelihood of landing a job with VIPkid. Good luck!




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