Back to the B&M school for another year

Occasionally guilt creeps into my mind over the idea of leaving the brick and mortar school building behind. Not for the building’s sake itself but for the students and my fellow prisoners of the 9-5 (for teachers the 7-3). The fascination of foreign lands and freedom however, outweighs those feelings of guilt.

I am currently on my summer break working two part time jobs one of which is VIPkid and the other beach life guarding until the school year starts again. I can usually enjoy the beginning of the school year and fall here on the mid-Atlantic. But by the time mid January arrives I become so restless and depressed. This is probably due to a natural holiday hangover and the dreary weather we have to suffer through.

During this time though, I  find myself googling any and all opportunities related (and unrelated) to my field. I think about other friends and acquaintances who have either quit their regular jobs or never had a real job in the first place. One guy-a beach lifeguard in the summer and surf instructor in the winter in Puerto Rico.  Another – taking a “sabbatical” from his teaching job to travel wherever he pleases with literally no plan. And yet another friend who quit his full time gig as a fireman to be a first mate on a fishing boat-only God knows where he is right now.

At thirty years old I’m not sure it’s time to quit the regular job to work in a restaurant and travel. I mean I have school loans, a car payment, insurance and rent to pay. Maybe I don’t actually realize how good I have it with a teacher’s salary, three months off and all the major holidays off. Maybe I should be utilizing my summers to travel only, rather than work and hoard money.

For now I will continue my B&M teaching job while continuing my online tutoring as a supplemental income. School starts on Tuesday!

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