Teach English Online (Anyone can do it!) Udemy Course

Work Remote for VIPKID and Other Companies Who are Looking for Native English Speakers

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Are you interested in teaching English online?

Ask yourself these questions…

Are you a native English speaker?

Do you have some prior experience or interest in education (even if its just volunteer work with children or adults)?

Are you interested in working from home?

This course is for you. 

The course I’ve created Teach English Online (Anyone Can Do it!) is for anyone who is interested in landing a job teaching English online for companies like VIPKID

This one-hour course has the following modules:


      Qualifications for Teaching English online 

      The Job Market

      Tools for the Online Classroom

      ESL Strategies for the Online Classroom

      The Interview Process

      Teach English Online (Anyone can do it!) Quiz

I’m doing an experiment. The $40 course will be set at a $10 if you use my coupon code BOLUDOENGLISH or just click the link. The coupon will run out in one month on April 26th.

More good news:  I’m new to this online course stuff so that’s why I set my price as low as Udemy would let me for anyone who sees or follows my blog. I really want your feedback. With the course set at $10, I’m trying to hone my skills. I have no doubt this course has some serious value on how to find the work-from-home job you’re looking for.  There are tons of online teaching companies out there looking for native English speakers. Check out the course and let me know what you think!

email me: boludoenglish@gmail.com

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