Do You Speak English?


Native English speakers! You are valuable! Even if you don’t realize it. When I decided to enter the world of education and specifically ESL, I was naive. But one thing that I was beginning to understand was the fact that I have something other people want: A true and natural command of the single most important language on earth.

Let’s look at the top world languages, Googling…

900 million speak Mandarin

339 million speak English

472 million speak Spanish

295 million speak Arabic

260 million speak Hindi

These numbers represent L1 (first language)

Now let’s look at English, the world’s most important language for economic and social reasons:

603 million people speak English as their second language!

Compared to 410 million Chinese second language speakers and 94 million second language Spanish speakers.

Basically, English is the most dominant and most desired language in the world. Think about Hollywood, its reach and dominance worldwide in the entertainment industry.  International business  is conducted in English.

You know this already, who cares? As a native English speaker, you should care. With so many online schools and tutoring opportunities  how could someone who has some education and a natural command of English ever be out of work? Many of these online schools require degrees, but some are purely conversational. Often they want you to have a TEFL certification. These courses can be taken online as well, and some for real cheap!

Just a little motivation.

2015 of Ethnologue published by SIL International

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