Teacher Loan Forgiveness… pretty please?

Federal teacher loan forgiveness program. Say whaaaat, sign me up. At this point there is some doubt whether I will qualify for this forgiveness, regardless of the amount of repenting I do. But here I go praying for forgiveness…

Dear God,

I’m sorry that I went to college right away without making an informed decision on the actual cost of my tuition. I am also sorry that I thought it was normal to pile on loads of debt that would magically be paid sometime after graduation (spring of 2009) when there were  tons of jobs and opportunities for me to chip away at the subsidized and subsidized bedrock on my back (pun intended). I would also like to repent for the carelessness in which I enjoyed school so much 7 years ago. While I did my best and got good grades and graduated, I am sorry for the half-hazard way I pursued the idea of serious employment right out of college.

Now that I understand fully the consequences of having so much fun and going to a liberal arts school which I truly loved and enjoyed. I ask you to please, please, PLEASE forgive me of this student debt.


Do you think God reads my blog? Or perhaps more importantly, will the kind folks at the Department of Education grant me this absolution? Either way, I am coming up on the completion of 5 consecutive  years in two low-income schools. I sure hope that ESL qualifies under the specific clause of a “teacher of special education.” If it does then I can have up to $17,500 forgiven. Do you qualify?

-Highly qualified Secondary Math Teacher

-Highly qualified Secondary Science Teacher

-Highly qualified Special Education Teacher

-Hold a state teaching license

-5 consecutive years in Title 1 low-income schools

-Cannot be in default

That’s the thing, ESL teachers are not specifically on the list of those who qualify. In the fine print however, there is a clause about language development under the “Special Education Teacher” definition. I am completing my fifth year in a Title 1 funded school, thus I hope to qualify. Fingers crossed.

More details about federal teacher student loan forgiveness can be found on the Department of Education’s website.  Another good resource for those looking into loan forgiveness options is Student Loan Hero.

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